SUPPLEMENT REVIEW: Titan Fuel Supplements

As our followers should know via our blogs and Instagram posts, we like to keep it simple on the supplement end.  There are a ton of scam artists out there with fancy eye-catching labels and usually not enough of the necessary ingredients to back it up.  We also believe that if your nutrition and recovery is on point, there are a few supplements that have been proven to have a wide variety of benefits.  These include:

  • Fast Digesting Protein Powder
  • Casein Protein Powder
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Caffeine
  • Omega-3 Fat Supplements
  • Multivitamin & Mineral Supplements

With that now out of the way, the reason for this post is to share a pre-workout brand that you may never heard of but is up and coming in the fitness community:  Titan Fuel Supplements

We discovered Titan Fuel Supplements and immediately took interest in their pre-workout for a few different reasons.  First of all, the ingredients were SIMPLE.  Straight to the point and no-BS.  Many of the pre-workout supplements currently on the market either include way too many unimportant ingredients or not enough of the ingredients that will actually benefit the user.  Secondly is their transparency of every ingredient.  On many supplements, you may see labels including things like “Proprietary Blend” that are usually stuffed with useless additives and fillers.  This pre-workout also has all natural ingredients.  Keep in mind that we have experimented with many pre-workouts over the past few years.


The Titan Fuel Supplements pre-workout includes 5 main ingredients designed to enhance performance in the gym.  All of these ingredients have undergone plenty of research to back them up and it’s safe to say that this pre-workout has the adequate amount of each.  These include (not in label order):

Caffeine Anhydrous (200mg): provides energy and increases strength, endurance, and mental stimulation.  200mg is pretty much middle of the road for pre-workouts out on the market with a typical range from 150mg-400mg.  Caffeine intake will all depend on the user’s caffeine tolerance but what we can definitely say is that if your tolerance is higher than 200mg, you can always add another half scoop or so to add caffeine and still benefit from the other simple ingredients in here as well.

Creatine Monohydrate (5000mg / 5g): helps water retention in muscles and increases cellular energy by increasing ATP; the energy source used for fast and explosive movements.  Creatine Monohydrate is also the most well-researched supplement in the fitness industry and can be purchased individually for a very cheap price.

Beta-Alanine (3000mg / 3g): delays muscular fatigue and enhances power output.  Shows increased results over prolonged use.

Alpha GPC (300mg): increases the choline and acetylcholine levels in the brain which benefit memory, focus, cognition, and power output.

L: Citrulline Malate (6000mg / 6g): converted to L-Arginine in the kidneys which boosts nitric oxide levels, clears lactic acid from the blood, and increases blood flow.  Provides muscle “pumps”.

Besides those main ingredients, their pre-workout also includes:

Beet Root Juice Powder: an all-natural food dye and colorant.

Stevia: an all-natural non-artificial sweetener.

Silicon Dioxide: an all-natural anti-caking agent.


First of all, the actual powder is more on the sand-like end meaning that it’s incredibly easy to scoop and doesn’t clump up like some of the other pre-workouts we’ve tried.  It mixed and dissolved very well without fizzing up (yes… some pre-workouts will fizz up on you with foam at the top like a poorly tapped beer keg). 

The Raspberry Lemonade flavor (only current flavor available) was super sour which made for a nice taste.  It literally tasted like a glass of home-made lemonade. Overall, we’d say the flavor is very good in comparison to other pre-workouts we’ve tried. When we say it was super sour, it was SUPER SOUR and tart. We’re a fan of it but if you aren’t, don’t forget that you can always add a bit more water and adjust to your liking.

As expected after approximately 20-30 minutes, the caffeine and beta-alanine started to kick in.  What was not expected was the level of focus throughout the training sessions.  It was something that honestly wasn’t comparable to anything taken prior.  Stamina was definitely more than adequate especially when used for some higher volume training sessions.  The last thing definitely worth mentioning was that the pump was fantastic.  Definitely noticeable.  We saw noticeable repetition increases and strength gains over the training sessions of usage.  Of course we cannot say that these gains weren’t induced by things like a calorie surplus, recovery, sleep, etc. but we can’t rule out the added help with a newly introduced pre-workout formula mid-mesocycle.


Flavor: 7.5/10
Energy: 8/10
Focus: 9/10
Pump: 9/10

*Please note that any rankings are relative to the user and their tolerance for some of the ingredients.

To be completely honest, we go into any new supplement testing completely skeptical as we know what the majority of the supplement industry is about but overall, Titan Fuel Supplements pre-workout is a solid pre-workout in which you’ll definitely get your bang for your buck.  They are located in Massachusetts (USA) and just started building a social media presence on their new Instagram account.  Definitely give them a follow and mention that you read their pre-workout review on The Strength Lifestyle!

You can find Titan Fuel Supplements online at or on Instagram @titanfuelsupplements

As always, please share this article with any friends and family that may benefit from the information.  You play just as important of a role in helping The Strength Lifestyle change peoples’ lives as we do!  You can also find us on Instagram: @TheStrengthLifestyle

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